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our mission

We want to reduce the climate impact caused by the fashion industry. The excessive consumption that exploits both people and the planet.

Creating meaningful essentials in an
ethical and conscious way.

We make seasonless garments,
emphasizing quality and longevity.

A permanent collection for sustainable
wardrobes curated by pieces that stand the test of time.

We envision a future free of fast
consumption. With less chaos, less waste, less smoke_More mindful.


We believe in creating permanent collections, timelessly designed with you and the environment top of our minds. We design for “forever”.

Emphasizing the quality and longevity of our products, we believe in creating meaningful pieces that stand the test of time.


All our products are locally produced in Mexico.

The closeness to our studio allows us to have bigger control over the processes, reduce emissions on transportation and ensure good working practices.

We are happy to support our local community and contribute to its growth and development as well as they support us and help us grow and shape our identity.


We are a team of people who belive in fair trade, dignified treatment and equity. We make sure our production team has a healthy and safe working environment and are being paid fairly.